Mr President?

By Chris Whaley and Mike McClaskey

Imagine a world where a comedian’s joke becomes reality. Every four years, an audacious underdog of the stand-up scene launches a faux presidential campaign, just to drum up business. His secret weapon? Luring celebrities into his hilarious web with a simple autograph that’s so much more than it seems.

But the universe has its own sense of humor. As waves of political scandals sweep the giants off the board, the world watches in astonishment as this jesting jester’s popularity skyrockets. His boldest move? Choosing the World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion—a man of hidden depth and unmatched honor—as his running mate.

Then, at the pinnacle of their improbable ascent, fate delivers a sobering punchline: the comedian’s heart gives out. Suddenly, the world’s eyes are on a wrestler-turned-reluctant-leader, poised to grapple with the weightiest title of all: President of the United States.

Get ready for a riveting journey that blurs the lines between jest and destiny. Dive into “Mr President?” for an enthralling mix of comedy, drama, and the sheer unpredictability of life!

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