Beginners Guide to Sketchnoting

By Ashton Rodenhiser

Have you ever struggled to retain information that you’ve written down? Maybe you’ve heard about how drawing your notes can enhance your learning while having fun. There is a solution, and it’s called Sketchnoting!

You Don’t Need to be an Artist to Draw Your Notes!

Packed with useful information, encouraging advice, delightful illustrations, and enticing exercises, this step-by-step guide shows notetakers like you how to reclaim your creativity and draw your notes (even if you have no artistic skills).

Studies have shown that learners retain more information more quickly when they use visuals as well as words. And they don’t have to be good at drawing for it to work!

If you’re looking for ways to inject fun into your classes, lectures, or meetings, while staying focused longer and remembering more, this book is for you!

Learn The Sketchnoting Process as Well as All the Parts of a Sketchnote

Lots of books teach you sketchnote components, but A Beginner’s Guide to Sketchnoting also breaks down HOW to put the pieces together, along with tips and tricks gained from over a decade of sketchnoting experience.

From collecting your materials to putting on the finishing touches, this guidebook covers all the sketchnoting bases (and some fun extras!). And it does it in a casual, encouraging style that emphasizes play, exploration, and freedom from self-judgment.

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