Join The Authentic Edge Collaboration Book Project

Are you ready to elevate your status and impact the world by sharing your business acumen? Join the elite circle of industry pioneers in our forthcoming book, “The Authentic Edge: Entrepreneurs Sharing Real Business Wisdom,” presented by ATG Publishing. This is your chance to be recognized as a key player in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Imagine the prestige and credibility that come from being a published author in a best-selling series. “The Authentic Edge” offers you a platform to voice your unique business insights and experiences, connecting you directly with an audience eager to learn from the best. This isn’t just a publication; it’s a declaration of your professional stature and dedication to your craft.

Take advantage of an extraordinary opportunity to elevate your professional image at a fraction of the usual cost. Typically priced at $2,950, we’re offering this unique package exclusively to our bundle contributors for just $695—a special rate at which we’re building the book at cost. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A Chapter in a Best-Selling Book: Establish your authority by sharing your unique business wisdom.
  • Professional Writing Coaching: Our expert coaches will work with you to refine your message, making sure you present your ideas clearly and compellingly.
  • Physical Copies of the Book: Share your published work with your network and at professional gatherings. Each contributor receives two physical copies of the book and the ability to purchase additional copies at cost plus shipping.
  • Promotional Materials: Enhance your online presence with professionally designed graphics and tailored copy that highlight your contribution as a best-selling author.
  • Giving Back: All profits from book sales are donated to Child Rescue, supporting efforts to free young women from sex slavery.
  • Lead Magnet Creation Kit: One month post-publication, receive all necessary files and training to turn your chapter into an effective lead magnet for your business, helping you attract and convert leads.

This is not just an opportunity to publish; it’s a strategic investment in your future as a leader in your field, offered to you at a significantly reduced rate as our way of saying thank you for your contributions to the bundle. Spots for this exclusive offer will fill quickly, so apply now to ensure we can review your application promptly.