Our Commitment

ATG Publishing helps you, the entrepreneur, the storyteller, to become a published author. We believe that your story is worth telling and we want to help you to get it in front of as many of your potential customers as possible.

We have experienced first hand the power of being a published author. We have seen the doors that it opens, the leads you can generate and the delight you can give your current customers through the power of the published word.

So we commit to helping you to achieve that. Whether it is through your own solo book, a memoir, a low content lead magnet, or a collaboration book with other entrepreneurs. We will help you to get published, get seen, and generate leads and revenue from it.

Vince Warnock

How We Help You

Write your book

Where to start, what to write, how to structure your book. It can all seem overwhelming at first.

That is where our team of coaches and editors can help you write the best book possible.


The most important part of successfully publishing your book starts long before the book is complete.

We can help you gather your launch tribe and plan for maximum momentum on launch day.


There is nothing that ruins a book quicker than amateurish editing. Nothing is more jarring than bad grammar or spelling.

Our team of professional editors will help you create a book that impresses.


This is often the most overwhelming part of the book publishing process.

Our team have collectively published hundreds of books, so let us do all the technical work for you.


You have published your book, now lets create impact with a bang.

We will help you to create and run an epic launch event that maximises visibility and gets you noticed.


Publishing your book is only the beginning.

Let us show you how to use that book to open opportunities, generate leads, and of course, make money.